Unconsolidated group project at General Assembly with a brief to improve amazon prime video app. In a group of 3, we founded that users had pain points around personalisation. We decided to redesign Amazon prime video app to integrate new features.​​​​​​​
Charlie Adsett, Kiki Wellenhofer and Me.  ​​​​​​​
My Role:
Our team was collaboratively working together though the whole process, however, some of my responsibilities included: 
  • Lead UI design.
  • Conduct competitive and user research.
  • Synthesise data.
  • Ideate with the team in design studio.
  • Conduct usability testing.
  • Implement testing findings and create hi-fi prototype.

New Prime video app showcase

The client — Amazon Prime Originals:
Since 2013, Amazon has produced and distributed original television programmes through its Prime Video streaming service and has created a number of award-winning series.
Amazon continues to dramatically expand its Originals content, with additional comedy, drama, and children’s programming planned for 2020.
Project scope:
Amazon is looking to significantly increase social activity related to their Originals series in the UK. 
Additionally, Amazon wants to target existing and potential customers around a continually expanding portfolio of original content in series and films. They want to build a microsite or custom application to engage with this audience in a unique and compelling way.
competitive analysis:
As we have founded 70% of users streamed with Netflix last year, 61% with BBC iPlayer, and 44% Amazon Prime, we have decided to focus on these direct competitors. We added Youtube as a growing competitor with similar features to our planned design.

Competitive analysis table

User research:
Aims of user research:
The objective of the interview process was to understand what are their streaming online behaviours, what people value about their favourite streaming service and what they found frustrating about it.
Usability testing on existing application
Usability testing on existing application
As well we conducted some usability testing based on existing Prime Video site and the competitor’s website to understand the main usability pain points.
Affinity mapping:

Affinity mapping

Key findings:
  • Users value the quality of the video content over the quantity.
  • Most of the users are sharing content with others, but not via social media platforms, mainly via direct messaging or word of mouth.
  • They would welcome some curated content, potentially from people they know, or people they have a shared interest with.
  • A less busy, more tailored homepage would be welcomed by most.
Some quotes from the user interviews:
“If there was something like a playlist on Spotify”
“Trusted people reviews would be considered”
At this point, we had enough data to create a persona that represents who we were designing for. We focused on the existing user as we wanted to make sure we are able to engage with people who are already loyal to the service, before trying to bring new people in.


We defined problem statements which we took to our design studio:
Problem Statement #1:
Rachel needs a better way to find something new to watch because there is so much to look through and it makes her feel overwhelmed and want to give up.
How might we provide Rachel with a way to find more tailored content that she will feel more engaged and comfortable to use the service more frequently.
Problem Statement #2:
Rachel needs a better way to find new content to watch because the recommended content is not related to her taste.
How might we enable her to see friends suggestions to encourage her to use service more frequently?
Developing ideas:
As we were holding clear problems we quickly created ideas for new features and some improvements for existing prime video application.

Design studio sketches

Prototyping from lowest fidelity to highest let us achieve our goals and ensure redesign is going to improve User experience. Here are some main changes:

Home page from paper to hi-fi prototype

Profile page from paper to hi-fi prototype

Library page from paper to hi-fi prototype

Onboarding pages:

Onboarding pages

We have found out that most of the users did not expect such improvements and new features from Prime video application, furthermore we designed onboarding pages.​​​​​​​
Visual design:

New Prime video app style guide

For app visual design I tried to add some visual refreshment while following current Amazon design guidelines. I chose Amazon blue as the primary colour but gave a little refreshment with gradient effect when using blue as a background.
Amazon orange and white were chosen to use for text and icons.
Prototype HD:

Prototype HD

We believe that profile feature would invent new community what empowers the hook method. By providing the opportunity to create the community Amazon would give their user bigger trigger and motivation to engage with their service. Users more likely invest their time and money when they will be a part of the community. Community is power and if service let the user be part of one they would definitely start building it what would increase not only the number of users but as well the loyalty.
Key learnings:
My main key takeaway from this project was learning about the hook method and how to work in a diverse team, but the biggest achievement was that Prime video app lately was updated with a similar design layout.

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